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It’s time for another big event!
All you need to do is to be online and when you see “GameMaster is online“, just say Hello (GM_Nick) in post.
– For example /post Hello Andrens –
So easy! Just be online regularly because GM can show up whenever!
There are only a few rules:
Event will start 23.09.2019, at 00:00 (Server time) and end at 29.09.2019 23:59 (Server time).
The first one who says “Hello GM” will get one point!
1 point for 1 hour!
For Example GM Andrens come online at 13:24 and someone says “Hello Andrens” and next time between 13:00 to 14:00 can’t get points!
Only 3 GM – Appolo, Peace and Andrens.
Max points from one GM in 24h is 6.
Winners will be announced and awarded on Monday (30.09.2019).

1st – 20kwz
2nd – 15kwz
3rd – 10kwz

  • all who get some points get 200 bonus Goblin Points (200GP x #points)!
    If have some more question skype – kaspis4080 or Dicord (Website > About Server > Join MuWar Channel / )

MuWar GM Team


New GM Event!


A brand new GM Event is about to start and is hosted by GM Andrens!

GM will spawn a monster in game, that looks like a regular “Bull” from Lorencia, but has different names and appears in all maps!
You must find and kill them to collect a special item (Rare Item Ticket 1). Collect as many as you can and then give them to GM to receive your prize!

Monster spawns at (Server Time):
+/- 12:00
+/- 18/00
+/- 23:00

Event will begin on Monday August 26th – Thursday August 29th!

Collect as many Rare Item Ticket 1 as possible and give them to any GM between Friday August 30th and Sunday September 1st.

Prizes Include:
2x Rare Item Ticket = 1 Custom Jewel of Player’s Choice!
Top 3 winners of most Tickets collected:
1st = 15,000 WebZen
2nd = 10,000 WebZen
3rd = 7,500 WebZen

Winners will be posted on the website every week!


PvP Updates

MuWar Players,

We have finalized our PvP Update. You will notice a lot of changes and find that it is much easier and a lot more fun to participate in PvP!
We know that it is not perfect and will keep working on the details. Please report any issues you may be experiencing to any GM Team Member and we will work to resolve them.

Enjoy the new combat system and good luck!


PvP Updates

Dear MuWar Players,

We have started work on PvP Balance!
Currently finished work:
1. BK, Elf, RF Damage (base, PvM & PvP), Defense (base, PvM & PvP), Skill
2. BK Damage Success Rate PvP
3. BK Damage Success Rate PvP (BK vs BK)
4. BK Skill Dmg %
5. DL Skill Dmg %
6. RF Skill Dmg %

Coming Soon – SM, MG, DL, SUM :
1. Damage (base, PvM & PvP), Defense (base, PvM & PvP), Skill
2. Individual PvP Balance
3. Same Class PvP Balance
4. All Class PvP Balance
5. All Class PvP Defense Success Rate Balance
6. Item Option Balance

We have a lot of work to do so please be patient with us! 🙂
Check back for new updates, as we will announce changes here on the MuWar News!

Your GM Team


01/08/2019 – 01/09/2019

Between August 1 and September 1, all Vote Rewards are 2x and 20% discount on all WebShop items!

Also, receive higher reward for online bonus (Credit, MGold, Goblin Point).


Update 5/20/2019

Today we performed some work on Gameserver files, working out inconsistencies in settings:

  • Character Based Settings –
    Character Class Damage Rate Settings
    Character Class vs Class Damage Rate Settings
    Character Combo Skill Damage Settings
    Character Damage Settings
    Character Elemental Damage Rate Settings
    Character Class Elemental Damage Rate Settings

  • Item Durability Settings –

  • Potion Rate Settings –
    Small Potion
    Medium Potion
    Large Potion
    Small Shield Potion
    Meduim Shield Potion
    Large Shield Potion
    Small Complex Potion
    Medium Complex Potion
    Elite Life Potion

  • Skill Settings –
    Greater Defense Skill
    Greater Damage Skill
    Greater Life Skill
    Stern Skill
    Drain Life Skill
    Reflect Damage Skill
    Lesser Defense Skill
    Lesser Damage Skill
    Shield Recover Skill
    Party Heal Skill

  • Command
    Disabled /offpvp

We also disabled the following custom events, due to bugs:

  • Battle Royale Event
  • Guild vs Guild Event
  • Team vs Team Event
  • Kill All PVP Event
  • 1 vs 1 PVP Event
  • Russian Roulette Event
  • Run and Catch Event
  • Hide and Seek Event
  • Quickly Event
  • ReiDo Mu Event

Reconnecting/Random DC/main.exe Crash Error

We believe we might have fixed the disconnecting, reconnecting and main.exe crash (Please send stack_########_####.log to Server Admin) after successfully testing for over 3 hours today. However, if the issue persists, please notify the MuWar GM/Administration team.



Welcome MuWar Players!

Today we announce some server changes and updates:

  • Arena Spots cleaned up to reduce FPS lag
  • All Event EXP now 2x stronger
  • Kanturu Event Bosses now drop Jewel of Socket
  • Crywolf Event Bosses now drop Jewel of Socket
  • Blood Castle Ticket (10x entries) added to Lorencia Shop
  • Devil Square Ticket (10x entries) added to Lorencia Shop
  • Kalima Ticket (5x entries) added to Lorencia Shop
  • Fixed Dark Knight & Dark Wizard inventory random set

Land of Trials Update:

Castle Siege ownership is now worth more than ever!

  • New spots added + Mega Spot
  • EXP Rate now 3x stronger
  • Drop custom items that can be sold for Credits, MGold, and Goblin Point

Check back soon for more server updates!
Don’t forget to vote and receive great prizes!
Also, make sure you like our Facebook Page and get involved with the MuWar community in Discord!


Happy Easter Good news


We’re back and online!

Welcome! We hope you’ve had a lovely holiday and that 2019 started off well.
The Project is back to business after closing for a much needed rest and we’ve gathered together some of the bigger things that have append during the past year. The new project is coming together nicely and we can’t wait to be able to talk more about it. A few tidbits can be found in developer conversations in our new

Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. If you problems with connect server, please download FULL game client!

Ancient MU was renamed

Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. If you need to you can always contact us, otherwise we’ll be back online shortly!
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